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What is developer option? Complete detail

Developer option in android device

It is a hidden option in android option by default.It contains lots of advanced option.These options are intended for developer but they are also useful for normal users.On using the feature of this option,you can make your phone let' start

How to find developer option:

first,Go  to setting then scroll down and at last you will find ABOUT PHONE, tap on it and look through it until you see BUILD NUMBER,Tap on it 7 times then you will see a message now you are a developer.then go back and you will see developer option above about phone.
Now tap developer option and get on it,Now you will see a lot of features do not worry.I will tell you every important feature which you should use in daily life.

The most Imp.features of developer option:

1.Stay awake: When you enable this option, your phone's screen will not turn off during charging.
2.OEM UNLOCKING:This option makes bootloader to be unlocked.It is the first step when you make your device rooted or install a custom rom,you will have to enable oem unlocking.
3.USB debugging: if you want to connect your device to computer easily, you should activate usb debugging.
4.Force use of GPU for 2D drawing ( not recommended): Do not use this feature.This option is intended for developers when they test their applications in different may harm your device and it will your battery a lot.
5.Force 4x masa: if you have a gaming addiction then use activating force 4x masa, you can enjoy a better gaming performance.It forces your phone to use 4x multisample anti aliasing in open GL 2.0 games and apps.

The most imp.feature of developer option:

1. window animation scale
2.Transition animation scale
3.Animator duration scale

In android,the default value of these scal is 1x but if you want to make phone fast or want to boost performance or want to conserve battery.Then turn off these animation scale.

Saturday, 3 March 2018


Amazing app for paytm cash not on playstore

Hello guys,This is my first post.In this post,I will tell all of you a unique trick to earn paytm cash.You have to install Nastro pro apk ( not on playstore) from  given below link

 What is nastro pro apk: This apk is like dream 11 but this app depends on your predictions and In  this app, their is a great chance to win paytm cash as compared to dream 11.In every question question, you will have given two options but my friend you will be happy on hearimg that in every question, you will have given a previous record of that type of question. Be happy,  and install this app.Click on below link to download the app

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